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Mason & Markwith Media is a boutique advertising agency working with small and medium sized businesses and publishers to plan, implement, and track successful media strategies. We focus on specialized work for a limited number of clients, and offer a full range of marketing strategies to better track ROI in today's ever changing media world.

With a combined 25 years of experience in media and marketing, Derek & Bonny started the agency in the middle of a Pandemic with one goal in mind - helping our friends and clients navigate a crazy period in time!

Our new agency model is all about a custom, hands on approach with a focus on saving time and budgets for our clients. We have a National network of some of the most talented graphic artists, web designers, and marketing minds around that we utilize depending on the projects and scope of work.

We create user-friendly designs that are functional on any device.

Sure, it’s no secret that you could build a basic website yourself these days with the growing number of tools out there, but is it worth it?  In today’s competitive economy, you need a website that stands out from the pack, works on every device, is fully optimized for mobile consumers, secure, and user-friendly.  Put our team of experts to work and let’s drive more engagement for your business!

Identify opportunities to connect with consumers & prospects through an integrated, customized, well-planned marketing strategy.

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Is your current strategy working for you?  If there’s room for improvement, let’s discuss!

It’s important to establish a well-thought-out strategy to ensure the success of your campaigns when investing advertising dollars.  Whether you have a 100% digital strategy, or a combination of online, print, television and radio advertising – our strong industry experience, insights, and backgrounds will help maximize engagement and ROI with the right audience.

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